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Best 15 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Austin, Texas - 2021 Guides

In Austin, Texas, several dog-friendly restaurants, cafes, bars, and coffee shops are available. Austin is one of the dog-friendly cities in the world. So get the ESA letter, pack your bags, and travel to Austin.

Austin is home to several pet-friendly restaurants, and they welcome them with so much love. Some restaurants have an outdoor area, and they have a special separate dog menu.

Finding a dog-friendly restaurant in Austin is not a daunting task, but if you find it difficult. We gather a list of dog-friendly restaurants in Austin. Choose from them and visit with your dog.    

Oakmont Food Company

The Oakmont food company is opened in Central Austin, and they have two spacious patio areas for dogs. Their French toast and chicken are amazing. The place with a beautiful environment, yummy food, and the prices are reasonable. Every single dish on the menu is too good in taste. ESA registration is required if you live in Austin with your emotional support animal.

Easy Tiger

This place is also dog-friendly, and it is located at the Lincoln Garden. You can enjoy beer, artisan bread, and a variety of toothsome dishes. You can easily visit this cool place with your dog. In this restaurant, you do not face any problem related to food, environment, and service. If you want to live with your emotional support dog, you need an ESA letter for housing.

Sawyer & Co

The Sawyer & Co has the cutest dog-friendly patio with retro turquoise chairs. Their brunch is the main specialty, and visitors loved it. They also offer cocktails. The Sawyer & Co restaurant offers the perfect fried chicken, raw oysters, fried frog legs, garlic noodles, and red beans with rice.       


The Eastciders is another dog-friendly restaurant with a beautiful patio. This place has offered amazing food deals and also delivers food to your home. Must visit this place with your emotional support dog. Get the ESA letter online and avail numerous benefits.


This place has a freshwater bowl for the dogs. The Grizzelda’s has an arty decor, and their food is very delicious. Veggie tacos, fish, and margarita are the main dishes. A legally register emotional support dog letter can easily visit this place with its owner. The Grizzelda’s is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 to 9 pm.     

Bar Peached

The bar peached restaurant has a huge heritage tree and plenty of fans. The ambiance of the bar peached is very beautiful. This place is known for its great ambiance, food, and service. You should visit this amazing place with your dog and enjoy some quality time.

Dough Boys

The Dough Boys are an Italian pizza food truck that serves the best pizzas. Their veggie Eastside trip pizza with local oyster mushrooms and garlic cream is the main specialty, and visitors like it very much. They also serve sandwiches and calzones. A great place to eat with great service.

Cosmic Coffee

The cosmic coffee is one of the favorite coffee shops in Austin. It has a large dog-friendly and kid-friendly patio. Their coffee, beers, and cocktails are too good in taste. You can enjoy your coffee with good music and the environment. A variety of food trucks are also available.


Contigo is another best dog-friendly restaurant in Austin. They have open outdoor picnic tables and a farm-to-table menu. It is a nice restaurant with a great setting and good food. Emotional support animal certification is required if you live and buy property in Austin with an emotional support animal.

The ABGB (Austin Beer Garden Brewing)

This place is also dog-friendly, like other restaurants. They have a large outdoor space and offer a variety of beer options. The best thing about this restaurant is you don’t have to wait for a long time for your order. The ABGB has very friendly staff and provides good service.

Yard Bar

The yard bar is the first Austin’s canine park that is a restaurant, bar, and dog park all-in-one. This place has a good menu, including salads, sandwiches, soup, sweets, and snacks. Beers and wines are also served in this place. Great place to take your dog and their staff are very friendly.

Jo’s Coffee

This place has to serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. They have an outdoor seating area and a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee. They have a small selection of pastries and sandwiches. Jo’s coffee serves an iced chai latte, so take a sip and enjoy the surroundings.    

Waterloo Ice House

The Waterloo ice house has served fresh food since 1976. They use organic ingredients in their food that make their dishes toothsome. They also have a playground in the backyard for dogs and kids. This restaurant has a special kids menu. You can easily visit this restaurant with your family and emotional support dog.


The trace has a spacious patio, and their menu includes spicy bacon, roasted shrimp, golden malted waffles, chicken fried Lockhart, and candied pecans. A place with good ambiance and food, you should visit this place if you come to Austin.

Epicerie Cafe & Grocery

The Epicerie cafe & grocery serves French-American food in a beautiful airy space. They also offer Sunday brunch, including eggs, biscuits, shrimp, scrapple, and many other items. This restaurant has a good collection of beer and wine.

If you are in Austin or planned to visit Austin with your dog, then visit these restaurants and give a treat to your dog.