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How to Stay Safe from Online Scams?



Getting emotional support is the best help one can get from this adorable rat terrier. As much as their owners love them around, they mean the whole world to those whom their owner means the world. The emotional support animal owners try to offer the best life to their pets and would go to any length to provide them comfort. However, housing societies, private land, and airlines do not allow the animals to expect if they have the letter for verification. So all owners are compelled to get the letter for their emotional support animals. But people take advantage of this and try to sell fake letters online. If you are one of the people who have come across doubtful websites or have been scammed by them, read this article in order to avoid any further fraud.



Let’s discuss what can be the ways in which you can recognize if the website is scamming you. All these techniques are quite simple and just need you to pay a little attention. You only have to go through online websites and social media to know about the scam. You can ask around if anyone else has received any emotional support  weimaraner dog letter from these services. So, the first and easiest method to find the letter offered is fake or not is to check if the mental health professional is certified. It must be only issued by a certified health professional.  Otherwise, it is not acceptable anywhere. You must also check if the mental health professional has stated their license number. Use this number to verify if they are actually licensed to practice.


 In addition to this and other mistakes which most of the scammers make is that they do not pay attention to the residing state of the health professional and emotional support animal owner. If you are told that you do not require any state-specific letter then it is not true. You must know that the letter issued in one state may not be applicable in another. If you are moving from one state to another, then make sure that the help customers who issue your emotional support animal letter must be certified in the state you are moving to or you could not move your munchkin cat with you.


You can also recognize these websites if they offer you the letter at unbelievably low and issued within a few hours without much assessment. If the cost of a letter is much lesser than any health professional then it is a sign that the letter will be fake as it will not state any conclusion from the medical evaluations. The assessment takes time and the mental health professional has to understand it. So that in future, if the housing authority or airline staff inquires, the professional can tell them


Another way to check if the website offers certification for the emotional support animal.  if there is any related thing on the website, you must avoid it. It is because for your dog you don't need an emotional support dog certification at all. This has been a misconception spread among many emotional support animal owners that they need to gain a certificate for their hypoallergenic cats. The fraudulent use of this against the owners and charge them a lot of money for certification.


In the end, it is suggested that you only contact your mental health professional for issuing you the letter. In case they are not available, you can visit any other certified mental health professional who follows the accurate procedure thoroughly and can give you a valid ESA letter for your british shorthair. It might be costly and the health professional may require an extensive assessment. But it will be guaranteed authentic and will help you in the long run.