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5 Places in Your House You Often Forget to Vacuum

You always know that dirt and dust accumulate on your large surfaces and you whizz out your vacuum cleaner for a quick home cleaning. However, there are a few forgotten places around your house that can collect just as much dirt and dust without you noticing. The build-up might create asthma or allergy problems for your family even though you vacuum and clean regularly. Hence, when doing your weekly vacuum job, don’t forget these 5 places inside your house that also need your attention.

Blinds and Curtains


Blinds and curtains are dirt magnets if you don’t clean them frequently. Use a vacuum with a hose attachment or a handheld vacuum to remove the dirt, debris, and bugs resting on the windowsills, blinds, and curtains. The dusting brush attachment should be used to clear debris sticking on the blinds and the upholstery brush attachment for curtains. For skinny blinds, it is best to use the vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool to suck the dirt and dust efficiently.


Drawers are supposed to keep whatever it contains free of dirt and debris. However, drawers can still get dusty! Especially drawers that house kitchen tools and food products; they might become full of crumbs and debris. The same problem happens with other types of storage such as clothes baskets and shoe boxes. First, you should take everything out of storage, then snap on a long hose attachment to your vacuum cleaner, and vacuum all the edges. Finally, you should wipe the storage places with damp cloths thoroughly before putting everything back in place.

Mattresses and Couches


Most people will remember to vacuum around and under the bed and couch, but overlook the bed and couch themselves. Some think that cleaning the sheets and changing the bed and couch pillows regularly is enough; however, dust and grit can blow through your windows and get stuck in your couch and bed fabrics. There are no other ways to clean the mattress and couches without vacuuming them to suck out the dirt and debris. A vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter will do a better job than one without it in terms of effectively removing dirt from the couch and mattresses.

Door Frame and Baseboards

Another spot people often overlook while vacuuming are door frames and baseboards. Dirt can accumulate over time without you noticing until it forms a black line following your baseboards between the carpets, or over the top of your door frames. A dusting brush attachment works well in cleaning out these spots. You can use a handheld vacuum cleaner or one with a long hose attachment to reach higher spots like the top of your front door.

Stereo Speakers

Ever wonder why your expensive Bose speaker does not sound as good as when you first bought it? It might be because speakers accumulate dirt and grime even when you rarely use it. Most stereo speakers are designed with large wooden or plastic exteriors, which means they should be treated as a piece of interior décor or furniture. Use a dust buster or a hand-held vacuum to gently clean the exteriors, then use a soft cloth to wipe around the speakers. Don’t forget to clean dirt and spider webs from around the speaker wires as well.

Final Notes

If you want to invest in a vacuum cleaner that can tackle all these forgotten spots around the house, go to TheKingLive website for more vacuum reviews and recommendations to find your best match!


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