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NSGCares: Supporting Genetic Counselors and Their Patients


One thing that draws many of us to the field of genetic counseling is caring for others. I spent three years after undergraduate school searching for a profession(Paper writing service) that provides what genetic counseling embodies: the ability to meet patients where they are at with compassion and the ability to give them hope along their journey. It is this foundation of community and compassion that led NSGC to organize what we call NSGCares.

What is NSGCares?

In many ways, NSGCares encompasses what genetic counselors do on a daily basis. We foster community and we support each other and our patients. Caring is part of our job.

NSGCares is an effort to continue to cultivate an inclusive community both within genetic counseling but also in the communities in which we work and live. We also want to make a conscious effort to support each other. In times of need or loss, genetic counselors are uniquely skilled to be a support system. We want NSGCares to be a place where people are uplifted, and our community comes to the aid of and supports our colleagues, whether that is with finances, encouragement or simply a helping hand.

Another goal of NSGCares is to highlight all the wonderful things genetic counselors do in the community and to use these successes to foster new relationships. One way that we did this was at the annual conference in Salt Lake City. Through our partnership with RARE Science’s RARE Bears program and the Angel’s Hands Foundation, we invited families with children who have rare diseases to join us at the conference and make one-of-a-kind bears for kids across the country with rare diseases. It was amazing to see families interact with our community in that setting. For some of the families, it was the first time they had ever met with a genetic counselor, and it was interesting to hear how their conversations lead to meaningful next steps between counselors and these families. 

How does NSGCares Work?

There’s a newly launched web page just for NSGCares. We hope that this website serves not only as a place to highlight all the amazing things genetic counselors are already doing in their communities but also a place where our members can come for support. 

For example, we have developed a tool that NSGC members can use to highlight a need for a colleague. The needs may be financial, but in many cases, will be a need that our community can respond to in other ways. For example, during this COVID-19 pandemic, our members might need to transition to telehealth, but need guidance in how it could work for them, and a member who has experience can respond to their questions. This tool will help members feel that they’re a part of a community that can fill a need in real time and give them support to continue their work. 

NSGCares also wants to partner with our colleagues who are already doing outreach in their respective communities. For example, members may want to do something for Genetic Counselor Awareness Day, but are unsure what that would look like in their community. NSGCares would love to help members make that happen. If it’s starting a club or support group for your families, NSGCares will connect you with other counselors that have already found ways to offer that in their own communities. Additionally, NSGCares wants to highlight the work that is currently being done and will be looking for stories to share on the website about great deeds and ways that our members are meeting the needs and fulfilling their roles as write my paper.

How can I get involved?

As a genetic counselor, you are NSGCares. Genetic counselors are already fulfilling the mission of NSGCares, and together, we can do so much more. It starts with our motivation to connect, support, be inclusive, embrace our diversity and to grow our profession. 

That said, NSGCares has a need for members to join the Advisory Group in the coming years. Volunteers are needed at the Annual Conference and we may also reach out to you to support a member in your city or region, or to help with a community group who would like to connect with a genetic counselor.

NSGCares wants to hear from you. What are you or someone you know already doing in your community? What needs can NSGCares help meet? Do you have ideas that would further our mission?

NSGCares is not a new effort. It’s giving a name to the many wonderful things that our members already do with a concentrated effort to highlight those things. In addition, we want to be a support system to our colleagues and community during both times of financial difficulty and emotional strain. We want to connect and continue to grow our community, even as our membership expands to over 4,000 genetic counselors. 

NSGCares about you. Thank you for all you do for your patients, community, and for each other.